new ideas, and a special surprise.

It has been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve been missing you, and we hope you have missed our little stories too. 

We’re back. But in a different way. We have a new idea. We think you’re going to love it. We’re not sure. But we think so. Okay, let’s get straight into it. 

We’d like to try a new format, more focused on our visionaries. We want to highlight their stories even more and inspire you to take a step towards becoming a visionary yourself. 

Twice a month, we’d like to share a vocal memo from one of our visionaries. It’d just be a few minutes long and answer the questions we all have in our minds. What is it, you might wonder? Well, what if we keep it as a surprise? We promise that you shall absolutely love it.

We’ve never done anything like that, but we feel this is a great way to stay connected to the Venture Insider community.

It is time to get back to our bread and butter and try something new again

Are you as excited as we are? Feel free to ping us anytime by replying to this mail (don’t be afraid to say hi). We respond to every single one of you! 

Have a great week,

Dorian & Michelangelo

PS: this week, we have interviewed someone very special. We mean it. He was part of the founding team of Lime - go read his story!